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Here is a list of most of our vendors.

Click the vendor names for more information

This is a small local business that produces cosmetics and bath products using only natural ingredients. Their soaps, body scrubs and salts are good for the body, the soul and the environment!

Fayed Hand Made Embroidery is a workshop in Domyat that produces a variety of beautifully embroidered lingerie and bed linen using only the best Egyptian cotton and providing much needed employment for many women there.

 Artist Samer El Farouk creates beautiful pieces of art using recycled glass. He works with a variety of glass making techniques to produce unique bowls, plates and pate de verre statues. 

Graffiti is a workshop/shop owned by renowned Egyptian artist, Elhamy Neguib. Apart from inspiring young artists and guiding art students from all over Egypt, Elhamy and his partners create wonderful educational toys from wood and recycled material as well as beautifully unique Christmas cards.  Graffiti also offers art classes and workshops for young students exploring creativity as well as educational concepts.

Green World

Green World is an embroidery and gift sewing workshop in Maadi. The owner and her staff specialize in machine-embroidered items and produce a variety of creations that are ideal as personalized and practical gifts.  Nearly all items are made of local cotton and local fabric.

Kay’s Products is a one-woman business that produces homemade marmalades, jams and chutneys. All produce for these products is homegrown at the family’s orchard in Bilbeis and is guaranteed pesticide free. Half of the proceeds from this business go to Life Vision for Development.

Khan Misr Touloun

Khan Misr Touloun is a shop in Maadi that stocks the best of Egypt’s arts and crafts from the oases’ and villages around the country.  THE SPACE is happy to dsiplay some choice pieces from their showroom and therefore help to increase sales and to provide more opportunities for talented craftsmen and artists throughout Egypt.

This NGO works to equip, inspire and empower the poor and handicapped in Cairo and Upper Egypt regardless of race, gender, political conviction or religion. We're proud to stock their stuffed toys, backpacks, aprons, fabric bags and wooden puzzles.

Minnies was founded in 2010 to produce high quality dried foods and provide training and employment opportunities for underprivileged women in rural areas. All Minnie’s products are local, seasonal and carefully selected to meet safe agricultural standards. They are dried naturally with no additives of any kind making them great tasting and very high in nutritional value.

With their needles, twenty women aged between 17 and 65, have learned to change their lives by knitting, crocheting and sewing.


With the help of volunteers, these exceptional women who come from an underprivileged neighborhood near Old Cairo now make unique handcrafted products that can be customized to your individual taste.



Saint Mark’s Women’s Association

Saint Mark’s is an NGO that teaches literacy skills and gives training in sewing, embroidery and crochet to underprivileged girls. The NGO provides graduates with their own sewing machines allowing them to work from home and start their own projects. This association provides THE SPACE with a selection of beaded net covers for glasses, bowls and trays.

Sells seasonal jams and pickles and cookies using only premium fresh produce.. no coloring, no preservatives, no artificial flavors.

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