Safety Procedures during the Covid 19 Pandemic

In order to ensure the safety of our customers and team, we observe the following procedures.


  • The shop is cleaned every morning, and we also sanitize the counter, all door handles, sink, toilet flusher, the clothing hooks, and floor in the dressing room. This takes place at least twice daily.

  • Our team wears masks when customers are in the shop and gloves when necessary. We also wash our hands frequently.

  • Hand sanitizer, alcohol and gloves are always  available for our customers .

  • We request that all customers wear masks in the shop 

  • We  ask customers not to enter if there are  4 people already in the shop. We will do our best to come and see if we can help you in the shaded area on the landing outside the shop.

  • We ask that all consignment items be freshly washed and laundered regardless of usage.

  • We also “quarantine” all-new consignment drop-offs by keeping them wrapped and will not price or display the items for a period of 3 days. 

  • All clothing that has been tried will be kept separately for 3 days. 


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