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Our clothes racks are quite full but we do have some space. The space on the rack varies from day to day and we will take items depending on the space that we have on that day. 
Please feel free to bring up to 10 pieces and we will choose accordingly.
We always welcome bags, accessories and household items.

Do you have items at home that you no longer use or never really used?

Would you like them to move on to someone who will enjoy them?

We are looking for such items and would be happy to display and sell them for you at THE SPACE. Free up your cabinets, drawers and closets and bring all those interesting pieces over to our Clothes Rack, Vintage Corner or Elegant Junk section.


If you’d like to get an idea of what we’re looking for, read on!


Elegant Junk

Our Elegant Junk corner contains household items that are useful and decorative and are in complete working order. These are all items that someone would love to own. Some examples are chinaware, glassware, table linens and wall hangings.

We nearly always have room for more Elegant  Junk!

The Clothes Rack

Items on the Clothes Rack are seasonal, new or nearly new secondhand women’s clothing. These range from formal evening wear to smart casual wear. All items are freshly laundered, pressed and in excellent condition. 


We would be very grateful if you would bring your consignment items just once a month and contact us before delivering consignment items. Thank you!


Vintage Corner

Timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion such as nightgowns from the fifties or sixties, gloves, handkerchiefs and hand embroidered tablecloths.


We accept a range of other items as well, so if what you have to offer was not mentioned above, contact us anyway and we will see what we can do.


For reasons of hygiene, we do not accept shoes, swimsuits, underwear or other personal items. We also do not accept anything made of real fur. 

How does it work?

First, you need to buy at least one consignment item from the store. This is to show that you are part of the "bring and buy" cycle. Then...​​​​

  • You can bring in your clean and ironed items anytime we're open. Everything must be washed/laundered and ironed regardless of usage and all items must be in pristine condition.

  • You can choose whether to price with us, or to let us price your items. You can view our pricing guidelines here.

  • While you are at the shop, we will give you a short online form to complete, or you may fill it out and submit it prior to visiting the store.

  • We then list all your items and prices of the pieces we can take, and send you a copy by email. We display your items once we receive confirmation of the prices. 

  • After the end of every month the list is updated and you will be notified when your items are sold. 

  • Payments for items sold are settled at the end of the first week of each following month.  50% of the sale price goes to you, 40% to THE SPACE and 10% is an advertising fee to enable us to advertise professionally . 

  • Items follow this consignment rotation before being returned.                             ​

THE SPACE is also happy to receive charity donations. We have a charity account and we donate the proceeds to  Life Vision for Development


We rely on our customers to give us paper shopping bags to reuse. We also appreciate it if you return the empty jam jars if you buy any of our homemade produce.

We really appreciate your help in encouraging everyone you know to reduce, reuse and recycle.


In order to ensure a constant variety on the Clothes Rack, all new consignments are displayed for up to two months, according to the following rotation:


  • All consignments are displayed at full price for the first  month.


  • For the second month, the items will go on sale at 50% off the original price. This is optional.

  • Consignees may withdraw their consignments at any time.

  • Items not collected two weeks after notification will be donated to charity.



ITEM                                                              RANGE

Pants and skirts                                                    150-300

Tops                                                                        90-300

Informal dresses                                                   200-350

Evening gowns                                                     300-800

scarves                                                                   80-200

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