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  • What are your delivery options and how long do they take?
    We only deliver by courier and this usually takes 3 to 5 days from receipt of the order.
  • How much does your delivery cost?
    For small to medium packages, the cost is a flat rate of 60 LE for deliveries in Cairo For large and extra large packages additional charges will apply depending on the size of the order Items that are fragile will also cost more to ship. For delivery outside Cairo, there are different rates. Please contact us to find out. We do not delivery outside Egypt.
  • Do you deliver outside of Cairo?
    Yes. Our courier charges different rates depending on the distance. Please contact us to find out the rate for your location. We do not delivery outside Egypt.
  • What is your return policy?
    We can only accept returns if you contact us within 24 hours of delivery. We cannot refund the amount as our courier service does not offer that option. We can only refund the cost of the items shipped with a voucher that is valid for three months. This can be used for online or in shop purchases.
  • Why is your return policy so strict?
    If the item is not sold, we need to get it back on the racks as soon as possible. We are a thrift shop and the items we sell rotate very quickly through the shop so that we can always offer new pieces. If something spends days off the rack, then the chances of selling it are much reduced. This would not be fair to the owner of these items.
  • Who pays for returns?
    You pay for returns. This is why we recommend that you visit our shop when buying clothes. We have a dressing room and you can try on as much as you please.
  • Why do I have to pay for returns?
    Most customers try on many items, but only end up buying one or two. If we paid for returns, we would be encouraging customers to order as much as they want and this could leave us with empty racks at the shop. Also, we could not afford this cost. This is why we strongly recommend that customers who want to buy clothes, come to the shop.
  • Why aren't there different sizes available?
    We are a thrift shop and therefore we usually just have unique individual items.
  • Why do the items in your store disappear so fast?
    We have both a real shop in Degla and the online shop and we only have one piece of each design on our Clothes Rack. So when an item is sold at the shop, it is removed as soon as possible from the online shop. Also, the items go quickly!
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