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We're a small business with a mission to contribute to our local environment, economy and society.


Here’s how we try to meet our goal:


Our Clothes Rack, Accessory Board, Elegant Junk Shelves and Vintage Corner encourage us to reuse rather than buy new items that are often costly and mass-produced.  So apart from saving money and acquiring unique and beautifully crafted items, we are also helping the environment by reducing the consumption of valuable raw materials .

In addition, we focus on selling products that are safe for the environment, including beauty products, homemade preserves, upcycled items and wooden toys.


In our Local Crafts section, we aim to encourage the growth of small Egyptian businesses and charities, thus contributing to the self-empowerment and economic sustainability of those involved.


Here's a short video of our shop taken by a customer in June 2021.

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