What We Have to Offer

Are we just another shop that has opened in Maadi? Well, the answer is both yes and no. We are a small business with a mission to contribute to our local environment, economy and society and here’s how we do this.


Our Clothes Rack and Elegant Junk sections encourage us to reuse rather than buy new items that are often costly and mass-produced.  

Our Vintage Corner contains items of a beauty that may no longer exist today.  So apart from saving money and acquiring unique and beautifully crafted items, we are also helping the 

environment by reducing consumption and costs.

Our Food Corner contains only local and seasonal products that are free from pesticides and made from the purest ingredients. The proceeds from some of these items go to help the disadvantaged generate their own incomes.

In our Local Crafts section, we aim to encourage the growth of small local businesses and charities,  especially those run by women, thus contributing to their self-empowerment and economic sustainability. This section also contains many beautiful pieces produced by the under privileged who have learned skills that help them acquire financial and social independence.  This boosts our local society and economy by increasing the job market and improving standards of living.

Our Mission 


The Space tries its best to encourage its customers to reduce, reuse and recycle and follows the same principle itself. The shop is lit with recycled lamps made from empty bottles. On the shelves are a variety of educational toys that are made from durable wood rather than plastic. The Space also offers a selection of reusable shopping bags and snack bags and useful items made of recycled fabric. At the end of the shopping experience, your purchases are usually wrapped in brown paper and string or packed in recycled paper bags.


The Space is always happy to receive donations of unwanted paper shopping bags and interesting bottles.

What We Can Do for You


At THE SPACE, we can help you choose some beautiful secondhand and vintage items way below retail prices. Or you can dig through your closets and select some new or as new items that could make some extra money by putting them on sale in our Clothes Rack or Elegant Junk sections. 


We can also help keep you and your family healthy with items from our Black Lotus beauty products and Food Corner which are all good for the body and the soul. 


Finally, you can browse through our Local Crafts section and choose or place an order for something special for yourself or your loved ones.

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