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Christmas at THE SPACE

If you're looking for Christmas decorations, then come to THE SPACE. (Wooden ornaments, glass ornaments, tree lights, bottle lamps, Christmas cards, nativity sets....) If you're looking for large gifts, little gifts or medium sized gifts, then come to THE SPACE. (paintings, embroidered sheets, vanilla fudge, jams, fruit, Sinai salt, bath products, wooden toys, stuffed toys...) If you're looking for original Christmas items, then come to THE SPACE. (personalised aprons, bags and towels, hand embroidered cushion covers, nightgowns & tops.......) And if you're not looking for any of the above, then just visit THE SPACE! ( perhaps something from the Clothes Rack or Vintage corner? or just a hot drink, a cookie and some Christmas cheer ! ) We'd love to see you!

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