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Time to Head to the Beach!

And here's how we can help you!

For the beach, we have summer dresses, beautiful cache maillots, beach bags, clutch bags and toy bags that you can personalise with your children's names.

For your home, we have beaded nets to keep flies off your kitchen and dining tables, natural insecticides to keep mosquitos and ants at bay and unusual bottle lamps to brighten up your beach home.

And for you, we have a wide selection of natural cosmetics, essential oils and bath products. Black Lotus recommends that you pamper yourself with the Aloe Vera after sun lotion, soothe your skin with the Carrot and Lavender soap or the Olive Oil and Yoghurt soap, both of which are perfect for sun damaged skin. You can protect your skin with the new Black Lotus sun block and nourish your skin with their magical Face and Body cream.

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