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The Clothing Rack
Items for the Clothes Rack are new or nearly new women’s clothing. These range from formal evening wear to smart casual wear. All items are clean, pressed and in excellent condition.
Elegant Junk
Our Elegant Junk corner contains household items that are useful and decorative and are in complete working order. These are all items that someone would love to own . Some examples are chinaware, glassware, table linens and wall hangings.
Food Corner
Items in the Food Corner are made from locally grown, pesticide free ingredients
Local Products
The items in this section are all produced by local charities and small businesses.
The Vintage Corner
Timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion such as nightgowns from the fifties or sixties, gloves, handkerchiefs and hand embroidered tablecloths.
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Accessories and Handbags

This section includes hats, handbags, costume jewelry, watches and silver jewelry.