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THE SPACE Goes to the ADSA Bazaar at the Conrad!

We'll be at the Conrad Hotel on Saturday the 14th and will be brepresenting many of our vendors. THE SPACE aims to help our local society, economy and environment by supporting select vendors. Click here If you'd like to know how our vendors help us achieve our goal.

We'll be bringing the following products and more!

Soaps, scrubs, oils and foot flowers from Black Lotus

  • A selection of bags, pencil cases and coasters from Khan Ibn Touloun

  • Hand embroidered night gowns, tops and towels from Fayed Group

  • Beaded net food covers from Saint Marks

  • jam and chutney from Kay's Products

  • Dried fruit from Minnies

  • Recycled lamps from THE SPACE

Stop and Shop at the ADSA bazaar at the Conrad Hotel

from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday November 14th, 2015 (We'll still be open at #3 Road 16, Maadi from 10am to 7pm)

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